Jun 142012

exhibition presented by the grey) (area . space for contemporary and media art – Korčula, Croatia
curated by Darko Fritz / grey) (area for Lampo Net & Contemporary art Exhibition, D’Annunzio Room, Aurum, Pescara

Darko Fritz (Croatia / Netherlands): 204 NO CONTENT
Hrvoje Hiršl (Croatia): Reversible (Le temps detruit tout)
jaromil (Italy / Netherlands): ASCII Shell Forkbomb
Ivan Marušić Klif (Croatia): Synchronicity
Luigi Pagliarini (Italy): RAS Robot Art Soccer
Edita Pecotić (Croatia / UK): Temporary Internet Files
Edita Pecotić (Croatia / UK): Temporary Internet Files2
Davor Sanvincenti (Croatia): 1 0 0 1 revisited
Thomson and Craighead (UK): The Time Machine in alphabetical order, video


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