Jun 142012

Ivan Marušić Klif
interactive DVD
[* Trans Adriatic Grey Area]


Synchronicity is a performance and an authorial DVD edition. A multichannel media performance separates a performer from his audience, while picture and sound get transferred from a confined scene space into an open space of auditorium. Author-performer uses simple light and audio devices, from time to time employing his own voice, partially live and partially reproduced, in order to gradually build happening of the image and the sound.

The performance is transmitted live into separated open space via 4 cameras and 4 microphones. Each camera and each microphone has its own screen and speakers system. Hence, image and sound transfer is happening with no additional processing, in 1:1 ratio. The performer has no feedback information as to what the audience hears and sees. Through combining light and sound sources, appearance and acoustics of the space is being continually changed and adapted. A small shift within inner space causes very big changes in the outer space. The performance is recorded full time.

The second stage of project realization is a DVD edition. DVD medium enables setting of parallel channels of video, sound and text in an interactive modus. In this manner, a subject of synchronicity is again being referred to through another media. The same DVD is simultaneously a document of performance and an independent multimedia work. It is distributed as an artwork and project documentation at the same time. Thus authorised, the DVD renders an independent interactive work which is set within gallery space as a projection with Dolby surround sound system and remote control. The later enables visitors to combine and change channels of sound, video and text. Each of the few channels explains separate performance segment, for example, music and sound; author’s inner state; motivation; treatment of sound preparation, etc….


website Ivan Marušić Klif: http://boo.mi2.hr/~klif/

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