Lampo Project


Net & Contemporary Art Exhibition

LAMPO: a general sense of enthusiasm and fascination with respect to the potential of new technologies.
LAMPO as the speed of transformation of new media made ​​available by the end of the twentieth century.
LAMPO as the new discover of accessibility to information via the Internet, to explore the changing relationships between technology and culture.
LAMPO like a fire in the cave that illuminates the future made ​​up of ideas and not objects.
LAMPO as a tool to explore the construction and perception of identity.
LAMPO as the light that is generated in the sharing of knowledge and information to help with the progress with alternative models non-proprietary.
LAMPO as a new “gift economy” made of altruism, humility, and public recognition of their work that stimulates the subject.
LAMPO to crystallize, illuminating the state of contemporary art and its influence Dada, Pop, Video and on trends in Conceptual Art Net
LAMPO for awakening passive use of technology and redefine them as artistic mediums due to their critical use for experimental purposes.
LAMPO that creates a new way to use the artwork changing from passive reception to active participation.
LAMPO that reflects the state of change artistic originality in the face of mass culture.
LAMPO generated when ideas meet technical skills, a computer and an Internet connection.
LAMPO that illuminates the development of the globalization of cultures and economies exploring its effects on society.
LAMPO that runs through the Global Network, vehicle information that you make an artistic medium.
LAMPO that triggers the possibility of joining the international network of artists who use emerging technologies to explore its potential cultural, political and aesthetic.


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