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Nicola Battista (Pescara, 1971) is – in some of his identities and lives – dj, producer, record label manager, intellectual property consultant, journalist.
As Dj Batman, he has been active in music experimentation since 1988, beginning with cassette tapes and pause-button mixing and having his first official track released in 1995 by UK magazine “The Mix”.
His instruments are computers, vinyl, cassettes, shortwave radio and other non-conventional instruments.
Founder of the Kutmusic label, first Italian citizen signing a contract for selling mp3 music in USA in 1998; operator of online radios, distributing music to virtual worlds since 2008.
Jay Artworx is one of his several split personalities, each well defined in a different role. Some of his work include digital
manipulation of photos and other graphic elements.
“ExPorn” is a project focusing on concepts like chic porn of the 1970s and 1980s, copyright law and digital photo manipulation. The source material are posters and video tape covers of famous or lesser known adult movies which fell into the public domain due to owners not respecting the formalities of US copyright law.
Jay Artworx edited the music video for Dj Batman track “The Ghost of Anna El-Tour”, using footage from the 1924 Russian movie “Aelita” by Yakov Protazanov.
The video was successfully premiered in Moscow in 2011 at the Multimedia Art Museum during the “Cycles & Seasons” event.

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