Aug 122012

generative art project based on the architecture of the Aurum building
Result: 3 prints on forex 70×100 cm


The work of Catodo is a generative art project based on the architecture of the Aurum building in Pescara, the structure that will accomodate the Lampo exhibition on new frontiers of digital art.
The architecture of Aurum in Pescara has almost a circular shape that remember the structure of an amphitheater (Figure 1).

Figure 1 – Planimetry of the Aurum

Inspired by this shape, i built a computer algorithm that:
1. generates a variable number of points on a circle;
2. moves these points by a random value along the x and y axes;
3. joins these points using a spline based on the algorithm of Catmull-Rom.
A schema of this algorithm is reported in figure 2.

Figure 2 – Random points joined by a spline

The result of this algorithm has been used as pattern for the generation of the images. I used a random approach in the choise of the position, of the dimension of the radius, of the size of the lines, and for the value of the alpha color that has determined the opacity of the images.
The management of the opacity has created an interesting effect of blurring that has produced a visual result similar to a complex system.
I experimented with three different predominant colors (green, red, and blue) and with a neutral color, white, generating three images in high resolution (100×70 cm) that represent the interconnection of two complex networks.
The generated images are represented by the Iteration #5132, #2149, #6534.


Technical Appendix
In this Appendix, I reported the source code of the algorithms that I used to generate the previous images.


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