grey) (area


grey) (area – space for contemporary and media art – is a non profit, non government, Croatian registered association of citizens founded in 2005. grey) (area works on various platforms which focus on intersections of contemporary and media art. 

gray) (area presents works of contemporary and media art with focus on ones that fills the gap between those two art-worlds and discourses.

gray) (area investigate experimental, open, poetic, critical and socially engaged works and programs that shifts the media and skips the frame of simple definitions and interpretations.

gray) (area operates form the city of Korcula at Korcula island in Croatia, enjoying the free position of the cultural periphery and challenge of no context of neither contemporary nor media art and strengthening the culture of connecting, locally, in the Mediterranean region and internationally.

gray) (area is part of the informal association cor::net (Korčula Network), together with Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Vela Luka and 3 Volta Gallery, Lumbarda, City Museum in Korčula and internet blog golly&bossy.

Hacking from Hackney carriage

gray) (area runs a gallery that operates mostly during the summer. Some programs are realized in public spaces of the city of Korčula, radio and internet, as in partner’s galleries as of cor::net network and through other collaborations (as along others with COL-ME, Bratislava, ESC, Graz, HICA – Highland Institute for Contemporary Art, Inverness-shire, Okno, Brussels, SKOR, Amsterdam and UHA, Zagreb).

Curator of the exhibitions is Darko Fritz but following the decentralization policy the grey) (area encourage work with guest curators. Exhibitions has been made specially for our program by guest curators Dunja Blažević / PRO.BA, Sarah Cook, CONTAINER, Ana Peraica and Stefan Rusu.

gray) (area association’s members are artists and scientists: Rada Dragojevic, Darko Fritz (president), Edita Pecotic and Sani Sardelic.


gray) (area is protocol between a white cube and a black box.
gray) (area is sensing creative economy of 21st Century in error.
gray) (area is hub of grey economy.
gray) (area is operating system of no-work.
grey) (area supports Mediterranean’s no-time operating system.
gray) (area prefers analog social networks instead of digital.
gray) (area prefers diving in a crystal blue sea instead of silicon.
gray) (area prefers periphery instead of center.
gray) (area like speaking Bad english.
gray) (area like open space of grey areas.

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