Aug 132012

Luca Lo Coco
intervento su sito internet già esistente


For the “Lampo” exhibition i’ve proposed an intervention on the website A similar action can be counted in the Graffiti Net Art movement.
The Graffiti Net Art are a free collective reasoning. They are a choral reflection. They are an invitation to conceptual. They are free art in the Net. They are volatile. You can draw on a home as you would draw on a wall.
The Graffiti Net Art upsets the idea to have “your own untouchable website”: one day someone will get up and with amazement he will find his own index coloured, decorated, full of art. He will find its Index conceptualized. What was a grey website, fruit of a payment done to a graphic studio of serial projects, now is a unique creation. Everybody should pray every evening so that their website becomes object of a net art action.
Internet was born in the age of seriality. Serial goods is grey goods. The IT graffitismo intends to make unique (even only for short instants), thus make “coloured”, a serial instance.

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