Aug 142012

Carsten Nicolai
hd short movie on blue ray disc
03:43 min
Conceived as the third part of the series under the name future past perfect, the short film introduces a narrative story that was inspired by a fascination for automation processes as well as his work on codes and grids that materialized in his record alva noto . unitxt in 2008. the series itself started in 2006 and is designed as a row of conceptually independent movies that document nicolai’s focus of interest of the respective year of origin and also builds up on the results of the movie(s) before.

A quiet autumn night in tokyo. a man stops his car at a shop front with a number of vending machines to get a last drink of tea on his way home. he inserts a coin, but instead of the usual procedure, the machine starts performing its own peculiar performance…

actor: kyusaku shimada
sound: alva noto
voice: anne-james chaton
director: carsten nicolai
2nd director: simon mayer
music: alva noto . unitxt u_08-1, taken from alva noto – unitxt (raster-noton 2008)


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