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Debra Solomon is an artist and  designer of food-system infrastructure.

In 2004, Debra Solomon began publishing her independent research on culiblog.org on food, food culture, and the culture that grows our food. Culiblog became an internationally recognized resource about food systems, sustainability, urban agriculture, food-related art/design, architecture, and urban planning.

Solomon’s early food-related work included a temporary concept restaurant exclusively serving micro-greens based up on the notion that even northern urbanites without access to land and light could produce a significant portion of their own food. In the project Lucky Mi Fortune Cooking together with food entrepreneurs from Rotterdam’s Afrikaanderwijk and the Freehouse Collective, she set up a free kitchen that ‘super-used’ the surplus from the bi-weekly outdoor market as well as other existing products, infrastructure, expertise, and facilities.

In 2007 Solomon co-curated the Edible City (NAi-Maastricht) on food and the built environment and was food domain expert of DOTT07, a design biennial in Newcastle (UK). In 2008 she was designer invitée of the design biennial in Saint-Etienne’s (FR) Cité du Design showing community tools for food and sustainability. Currently Solomon is working with Den Haag and Amsterdam neighbourhoods on projects that are radical visions for community involvement with food systems and urban agriculture. Read more on her weblog, www.culiblog.org.

Debra founded URBANIAHOEVE Social Design Lab for Urban Agriculture in 2010 to create examples of resilient urban food-system infrastructure in the public space.
– URBANIAHOEVE together with local participants creates foodscapes in the city by appropriating underused, under programmed and over-paved urban typologies.
– URBANIAHOEVE is developing a visual language that integrates urban food production into our public space.
– URBANIAHOEVE initiates, coordinates and programs structural forms of urban agriculture Den Haag and Amsterdam.
– URBANIAHOEVE develops new models for the public space that benefit our urban food production.


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