Aug 142012

Rita Soccio
‚Ä®stampa digitale su dibond cm 120×160


What would happen if all the characters in their advertising is rebel copywriter, the designers that have made them famous and well-known to us who are audiences slave to brands?
The advertising brand, one of the key symbols of the affluent society, goes out of its schemes and tries to enjoy the joys of a real life. Lindo (Mastrolindo) and Stella (Mrs. Star nut) escape from the supermarket shelves and fall in love so they decide to get a family. Soccio Rita tells us their story and their quest for the dream of the average man: fall in love, marry, dress as Adam and Eve, living a “normal” life, then.
With a bit of irony this work reflects the influence of advertising in our life, exchanging the sides.

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