Jun 142012

Darko Fritz (Croatia / Netherlands)
2007 – 2008
horticulture installation (prints, video at the monitor – if available, no sound)
[* Trans Adriatic Grey Area] 


The horticulture unit ‘204_NO_CONTENT’ is made of organic elements, transgressing the contents from the digital domain.

The textual context of the picture is a text found in the computer language that reads ‘204_NO_CONTENT’. It is an error report that appears in the internet communication. A machine communicates with another machine about protocols of failed communication [HTML server error], and thus providing the user with the insight into the problem. Error ‘204 No Content’ means that the server has fulfilled the request but there is no new information to send back.

A typographical picture located in the desert is 3.6 x 31 meter in size and shaped within the matrix made of 18 x 166 fields [2988 ‘pixels’]. This ‘low-resolution screen’ is made of cactuses and black lava. The ‘active pixels’ are made of 2220 cactuses [Echinocactus grusonii]. At the beginning of the project each cactus was approximately 18 cm in diameter.

Materials used in the installation are chosen respecting natural resources and availability at the Fuerteventura island. Fuerteventura island is of volcanic origin and therefore black lava is widely available. The Echinocactus grusonii cactuses are visible around the island and have an status of the local souvenir at the local airport. The sent used within and around the installation is of local origin.

204_NO_CONTENT is part of the Internet Error Messages project by Darko Fritz [since 2001].

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