Aug 142012

Matteo Giordano
film/video 1:14 min


Is this the future dream world that consumer electronics has in store for us 17998 years from now? If so, what exactly does this surreal vision imply? An unidentified screen-based gadget is spinning weightlessly in the air as if controlled by the mechanically moving hands of a pair of young girls dressed alike in light blue and white harlequin satin dresses. Does it point to the coming of new medieval times controlled by multinational corporations like Sanyo? For 20010 Matteo Giordano has appropriated, inverted and mirrored a commercial for a Sanyo product. What was most likely originally presented as the spectacular design of tomorrow here becomes a strange almost disturbing object. Rather than containing the solution to all our problems and needs is this perhaps a Pandora’s box in disguise? The sound track certainly does not match the brightness of the visual aesthetics of the commercial. We are left in wondering anticipation.

(Image: Matteo Giordano)

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